A warm welcome to anyone visiting the United Marshalls

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A warm welcome to anyone visiting the United Marshalls

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:03 pm

Here you can share with other strategy enthusiast about the games that you are currently playing. Feel free to discuss any topics related to the games you are play. UnitedMarshalls right now is trying to get into Cossacks 3. In order to establish UnitedMarshalls into the Cossacks 3 game we have to start building up the C3 community. Therefore if you know anyone who might be a good candidate to join please suggest him and try to get him to join. The purpose of this community is simply to play together in the games we love most and discuss the matters that concern those games, the clan, and the community in general. UnitedMarshalls will also focus in providing mods for the community. If anyone is interest in making mods please contact the Admin as soon as possible we want to have a solid team for developing good mods for Cossacks 3 which has promised some serious modding tools. If you have any general questions or comments feel free to place them in the right forum or make a forum for it.


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